Friday, 14 November 2008


robinthebruce said...

nice drawings

Gina said...

Hey, Gina-Chrissie here,
man, your pictures are, to say the least, crummy! lol
i think that you should maybe, stop drawing pictures of cows behinds and children's faces and go molest something your age, i'm sure lots of eighty year old men would pose for you in the nude. Sorry, i hate to make assumptions but you must be gay.
Go back to Afganistan.
Love Gina-Crissie.

P.S. i don't really mean to do all of those kisses and cuddles because you're a creep but i'm sad so i do anyway. ;-)


Bill Garnett said...

coming from a farming background enjoyed the various farm animal characters....but its your afghan works which are the more powerful and timely.... portraying a people at such a troubled time under daily duress with sensitivity and evidencing the courage to endure.